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Unity for Change: Webinar 2 – TRUST

With the dire need for vaccine insight, and the hesitancy of the BAME community, we would like to gain further insight, with a solutions-based approach to capture any perceived barriers, mistrusts, and general miss information surrounding the current COVID-19 vaccines, available to the general public.

The project will delve into the root causes of vaccine hesitancy within the Nottingham BAME community, providing reliable information, education and safety awareness, while building trust within the system and motivating the community to make informed choices regarding the vaccine.

The project will provide an open dialogue for citizens, community leaders and professionals to engage in, using virtual zoom sessions to spark debates and addressing key issues within the BAME community; conducting online surveys to understand the problem, explore tools required to start building trust with central government and health care system to build mutual understanding.

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In a recent report Raghib Ali, the government’s ethnicity adviser, dismissed the impact of structural racism on health and educational inequalities. As well as dismissing Public Health England’s findings that “historic racism and poorer experiences of healthcare” have an impact on people from BAME communities seeking care, he also suggested that the proven interconnectedness of class and race is somehow a fallacy, and it is actually “where you live, the job you do and the type of housing you live in [that] explains the increased risk in ethnic minority groups”. In other words, all the factors that are already impacted and exacerbated by structural racism.


Contributing Factors That Lead To Mistrust: Police
Contributing Factors That Lead To Mistrust: The NHS
Further Contributing Factors That Lead To Mistrust: Government
Contributing Factors That Lead To Mistrust in the NHS
Links related to Lord Wooley’s speech

Lord Wooley who is a crossbench member of the House of Lords said in February this year mistrust in the Government is one of the reasons for vaccine hesitancy in the bame community.

He said: Boris Johnson’s government has shown a blindside to the depth of race inequality that if unchecked will cause a generation of mistrust that will only worsen.

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